Counter-Terrorism Centre

The Counter-Terrorism Centre (TEK) was set up on 1 September 2010 under Government Decree 232/2010 (19 August). The detailed rules of its responsibilities are defined by Government Decree 295/2010 (22 December).
Designed in line with international requirements, the new central organ has nation-wide competence but in extraordinary cases its staff may also be deployed outside Hungary. TEK performs personal protection tasks as well, it protecs the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister. Due to its remit, it detects and interrupts acts of terrorism, captures armed persons suspicious of having committed a crime, interrupts violent crimes against people, and captures persons that pose a danger for themselves and the public.
TEK continuously analyses and assesses terror threats to the Republic of Hungary, and coordinates the activities of organs that are competent in prevention and aversion. Its Director General controls the work of the Counter-Terrorism Coordination Committee, which comprises civil and military secret services, the Hungarian National Police, the National Tax and Customs Office (set up by merger of the Tax and Financial Control Administration and the Customs and Finance Guard), the Coordination Centre against Organised Crime, and the Office of Immigration and Nationality. In addition to domestic cooperation, in the course of its undertakings abroad, TEK also maintains contact with counter-terrorism organs of other states.