Coordination Centre against Organised Crime

The Coordination Centre Against Organised Crime (SZEBEK) and the Constitution Protection Office are engaged in effective cooperation under Act CXXV of 1995 on the National Security Services, Act LXXV of 1999, Government Decree 70/2001 (20 April) and Government Decree 305/2006 (23 December).
Operating under the supervision of the Minister of the Interior, the SZEBEK is a central office which gathers data received from cooperating parties defined by law, and is responsible for using, controlling and coordinating such data in order to prevent and interrupt organised crime.
The Constitution Protection Office continuously forwards all information gained about criminal gangs and organisations, and offences that are closely linked to organised crime, to the SZEBEK, which analyses and assesses the data, and performs coordination with the competent organs as required. Its analyses promote both the Office’s work and the Government’s decision-making against organised crime.