Dr. Sándor Pintér

Minister of the Interior


Place and date of birth:
Budapest, 03 July 1948
Qualifications: lawyer, police officer


He started his studies at the Faculty of Mechanic Engineering of Budapest Polytechnic University, and then graduated from the Police Academy in 1978 and from the Faculty of Law of ELTE in 1986.


He started work as a driver for the Ministry of the Interior.
From 1972: Assistant detective in Zugló
1978-1985: Clerk, then senior clerk of the Division of Inquiries of the Hungarian National Police
From 1985: Head of Criminal Division and acting head of Buda Police Station
From 1988: Head of the Division of Inquiries of Pest County Police Station
From 1990: Public Security Deputy of the County Police Chief
From March 1991: Police Chief of Budapest
From September 1991 to end of 1996: National Police Chief
1991: Major general
1993: Lieutenant general
End of 1996: Retirement
From 1997: Security Advisor and member of the Board of Directors of OTP Bank Rt.
From 2003: Owner and chairman of Civil Biztonsági Service Rt.
From 2004: Member of the Board of Directors of OTP Bank Zrt.

Political career:

1998-2002: Minister of the Interior of the first Orbán Government