Industrial Security Clearances

The inspections are conducted by the Constitution Protection Office or the Military National Security Office upon the request of the Head of the National Security Authority. Point m) Section 5 of the Act No. 125 of 1995 assigns the task to the Constitution Protection Office to conduct industrial security clearances within its competence at the request of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, the National Security Authority.

What is an Industrial Security Clearance?

The procedure of the industrial security inspection is regulated under Government Decree 92/2010 (31 March) and 90/2010 (26 March).
The aim of the industrial security inspection is to check the reality of the data supplied in the company data sheet by the respective economic operator in order to decide whether the involvement of the economic operator in the accomplishment of classified contract may hurt the national security interests of Hungary and the security interests of the NATO or the EU.
The national security service carries out the national security vetting of the individuals being part of the economic operator’s management, the designated chief security officer, the administrative assistant for classified materials and his/her deputy, the supervisor of system security, the system administrator and in case of a certified participation in a classified contract the individual involved in its preparation and implementation.
Facility Security Clearance can be issued in case the economic operator has a licence with regard to management of data classified at least “Confidential” and has an information system licence pertaining to the electronic management of data classified as “Restricted”.
The Facility Security Clearance is valid until it is withdrawn. In case the Facility Security Clearance is withdrawn the economic operator cannot apply for a new industrial security inspection within two years counted from the date the decision is rendered final.

What is necessary for an Industrial Security Clearance?

The economic operator initiates the inspection by submitting the Company data sheet standardized by the Head of the National Security Authority (NSA) and publicized on the website of the NSA ( to the National Security Authority. The economic operator attaches to the application the annual balance sheet and the statement on the result/profit of the two financial years prior to submitting the application.

Why is it good to have a Facility Security Clearance?

The economic operator is entitled to manage national classified data in accordance with the classification level of the Facility Security Clearance (FSC). In case it wishes to manage EU or NATO classified data as well then it may request it simultaneously with the provision of the Company data sheet.
The company which has a Facility Security Clearance specified under Act 155 of 2009 is automatically included in the official list managed in accordance with Government Decree 218/2011 (19 October) until the clearance is withdrawn. Furthermore, only those companies can participate in classified competition conducted in compliance with the aforementioned decree which has a valid FSC of the appropriate classification level.