Economic Security

Under National Security Act Section 5d), one of the core responsibilities of the Constitution Protection Office is to take action against any individual or ambition that endangers the economy of Hungary and poses a risk to the operation of the financial system with an intention to acquire or utilise scientific and technological achievements in an unlawful way, and against drug and arms trafficking. In order to fulfil this job in its entirety, we have established close cooperation with the affected public administration organs, business companies, scientific-technological workshops and research institutes, banks and financial institutes, law enforcement and order organs and, of course, with citizens.
Since Hungary joined the European Union, our job has become even more difficult given our duty to contribute to detecting tendencies, efforts and actions which not only affect the country but also the entire community or any other of its member states, thus we frequently work jointly with our internal associated services (IO, MIO, MSO and SSNS) and foreign partner services.