Guidelines of Data Protection

The Constitution Protection Office pays utmost importance to the observance of the regulations defined in the Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and Disclosure of Data of Public Interest; the Act XC of 2005 on the Freedom of Information by Electronic Means; and the positions on data protection taken by the Parliamentary Commissioners. Data is handled in consideration of the EU provisions on data protection.

The site visited by You provides information that may be subject to public interest and information subject to obligatory disclosure by all budgetary organs.

Visiting this site does not require the provision of personal data, thus, we do not store such data in any forms.

We only collect information of statistic features that provides a view on the frequency of visits, i.e. the number of visitors and the most frequented parts of the site. This information enables us to extend the parts of the content that attracts most public interest.

The Constitution Protection Office does not disseminate to a third party any data that it learns of the visits, except cases defined in the pertaining legislation. Subsequent to making statistical and a trend analyses, such data are terminated.